Payroll Collections
Q LINK offers a standardised one-stop, electronic payroll collections service that minimises collections risk. The tailored technical solution ensures state-of-the-art payment switching at various payrolls. An electronic interface enables third-party companies to facilitate a comprehensive payroll collections service that is efficient and successful.
Bank Collections (Debit Order, Aedo, Naedo and DebiCheck)
Q LINK provides an intelligent mechanism that optimises the success rate of debit order collections. This service helps to minimise costs by automatically switching a collection between various payment streams.
Emolument Attachment Orders
This is a comprehensive court order deduction service between debt collectors, attorneys, magistrates and payrolls, and includes full verification to ensure that legal requirements are met. This service eliminates the employer's burden and takes care of all enquiries via a multilingual call centre. The distribution of payments and schedules to debt collectors is automated and the debt repayment of every employee is carefully managed.
Membership Administration
This membership administration system enables trade unions or associations and similar organisations to manage the total administration of membership matters, including the automated collection and reconciliation of member subscriptions from both payroll and bank accounts.